The Perfect Portable Shelter For You

SHELTER STATION™ is a company with 15 years of experience in all-weathered portable shelters. And to ensure the safety of their customers from all over the Pacific Islands, New Zealand, and Australia, they only make use of materials with the highest quality yet at a reasonable price for the greatest value for personal and businesses use.

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Their portable shelters are the perfect solution storing anything and everything from small to big and narrow to wide. So if you are looking shelters of different shape and size, this one should be on the top of the list of the companies to check.


There are 3 kinds of shelter the company is offering; the domestic, the large-free standing and the container shelters. Their domestic shelters are ideal for backyards that are in need of temporary shelter for the plants, motorcycles, garden equipment, and mowers, or cars. More so, it is also perfect to use as a storage shed that does not need permanent structures.

Meanwhile there large free-standing shelter is perfect as a large equipment shelter. It is ideal for home storage that needs a bigger temporary shelter than the previous could provide. Likewise, the large free-standing shelter is suitable as a commercial and industrial storage space. It is widely used in the construction, marine, mining, and farming industries. The heavy-duty materials for the frame and the cover can sustain the needs of these industries and withstand natural weather phenomena.

On the other hand, their container shelter is best for commercial use that needs wider and taller clearances for bigger equipment and containers. The different sizes of the container shelter can give an ample amount of space enough to accommodate even monstrous vehicles without having to worry about the temporary structure toppling down.


Because SHELTER STATION™ gives importance to their clientele; they are giving conditional warranties on their products. They are giving 10 years warranty from the date of purchase for the frame of the temporary shelter. On the other hand, they are giving 5 years warranty from the date of purchase for the cover. Nevertheless, the company is confident that they deliver and install their products the right way thus they believe that there will be no problems with their products in the near future. And in order for the customer to avail their warranty, they should be able to provide a picture on the day of installation and the damage on the product.

SHELTER STATION™ is warning all consumers to beware of imitations and only deal with people associated with the company.