Say Goodbye to Cabinet Handles and Hello to Handleless Cabinets

If you are considering updating your kitchen, one of the best things you can do is to start with a clean slate. Oftentimes, seeing your kitchen with everything removed can help you rethink your room. One thing many people do not think of is their cabinet handles. Removing cabinet handles can help you determine the style of cabinet handles you want or whether you do not want any handles at all.

You may have already determined whether you want handles or do not want handles, or you may not be sure yet. The decision is really based on the style of your kitchen and what you want. If you prefer a shaker style cabinet, a traditional cabinet or a country kitchen, you will probably want cabinet handles. The design of the handles will depend on the final look that you want to create. If you prefer a minimalist or modern styled kitchen, you may prefer to forgo the handles.

What Benefits do Handless Kitchens Offer According to Designers and Customers?


According to kitchen designers at Zen Kuchen, without the handles, the cabinets will create a uniform line of sight, which is perfect for modern kitchens. Additionally, you can choose a contrast colour when cabinet handles are not used. Modern kitchens often include a surprise colour and work perfectly in a handleless designed kitchen. Likewise, in a minimalist kitchen, avoiding kitchen cabinet handles create an uncluttered appearance, especially when a monochromatic palette is used.


If you have an open floor plan, avoiding cabinet handles can further open up the space. The smooth cabinet faces complement the flow through the kitchen and living spaces. Handleless doors help to maximise space and can be used in large and small kitchens to improve the flow through the area.


One of the best things about a handleless design is the ease of cleaning the cabinet surface. There is no handle to get in your way. However, dirty hands can muck up your cabinet faces, requiring additional cabinet cleaning. But, handles can also collect dirt and would require regular cleaning. As you can see, there is no magic option to keep your cabinets sparkling clean.


Going handleless creates a smooth surface. Say goodbye to knocked knuckles as you use the space. It can also help to protect young children from running into a cabinet handle as they move about the kitchen. Handleless cabinets allow you to stop the edge of the countertop at the edge of your cabinets, which allows it to sit flush with the front of your cabinets. Conversely, cabinet doors with handles require an overhang. If you want a seamless look, a handleless design is the only want to go.

After you have decided on a handleless design, you have to determine the best way to open your cabinets. The best method will depend on your priorities and the overall design concept of your kitchen.

J Grip Cabinet Doors - This design features a moulded groove in the front of your cabinet door. These doors can be difficult to open because the channel is small. Furthermore, the top of the door is weaker and can be susceptible to stress cracks with frequent usage.

Push Click Cabinet Doors - This design uses a mechanism that creates a truly seamless look. However, it can cause issues if the mechanism fails. If you open and close your cabinet doors often, the risk of mechanical failure increases.

True Handleless Cabinet Doors - These doors often use a contrasting colour or aluminium and are perfect for those who want to create interest in the kitchen. This design uses a rail that is concealed within the door. The cabinets are easy to use, have a smooth design, can withstand daily usage and are stronger than other handleless options.

Mix and Match Cabinet Doors - Another option is to mix handleless kitchen cabinet doors with cabinet doors with handles. There are numerous design options that allow you to mix and match to create a custom look.

As more and more homeowners lean towards handleless kitchen cabinet designs, new innovations continue to be made. Choose the handleless design that will work best for you and your family to create a seamless and modern kitchen design.