Whats on?

Here is a list of events and performances that Tribe Zuza are involved with or we think you might enjoy.

May 2013

  • 19th Puffin Festival, Amble from 2pm
  • 25th-27th Wendy Allen Workshops, Souk, Devon

June 2013

  • 2nd ATS Intensive, Tempest Dance Studio, Durham 5.30-7.30pm
  • 5th Drumming circle practice session, Swarland
  • 14th-16th Tribal Gathering, York
  • 23rd Helwa, Bar Loco, Newcastle
  • 28th-30th Body and Soul Retreat, Ridley Hall

July 2013

  • 5-7th Little Goddess
  • 15th-21st Dance Sevilla
  • 26th The Swan Hafla, Billingham

August 2013

  • 10th-11th Liverpool Hafla & Workshops

September 2013

  • 7th Mai ni aXe Book of Bedtime Stories
  • 14th Kinghorn Hafla, Fife

October 2013

  • 12th-13th JoY
  • 18th-20th Devi Mamak Workshops, Souk, Edinburgh
  • 23rd- 2nd Nov Sahara Dance- Dance Sahara

December 2013

  • Tribe Zuza Winter Hafla

February 2014

  • 26th-2nd March, Majma

April 2014

  • 11th-13th Tribal Goddess @ Ford Castle