A Grandeur Dream House

Let’s be honest, if you win $10M Dollars’ worth of cash, you would build your own dream house. A home without its limits, because you could afford everything; from a place in a mountaintop or an exclusive subdivision to all the things you want to use inside.

Here are 5 things people want in their dream house:

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  1. A Grand Entrance

Imagine yourself driving in your shiny new car, then as you turn around the corner you see a gate. A gate that’s so big, you need to stack yourself 5 times to be the same height. As the gate opens, you see beautiful trees; so green and luscious. After driving a minute, there you see a house; your mansion and you smile because it’s a home you’ve always wanted.

  1. State of the Art Appliances

With a lot of money to spend, why not get that gigantic television that as tall as you? Add a great set of speakers and viola your home theater. Walk to the kitchen, and get a drink from that refrigerator that gives you ice. Or go to sleep on that comfortable bed with cloud-like pillows that let you sleep within minutes.

  1. A Swimming Pool

Feeling hot or want to unwind? Go and dip yourself in that amazing pool. If you want to make it more fun: invite your family in or friends. If you want to add another relaxing feature; like a hot tub. Refer to this post for such amazing designs.

  1. Walk-in Closet

After taking a shower or a bath in the pool, you go straight to your walk-in closet. It is beautifully arranged; from light colors to the dark ones. Shoes on the other side lined up and bags on the wall hanged. Your dresser on the corner with your beauty kit on top. In the middle are your accessories; your jewelry in the first drawer, your watches in the other. A good outfit for a good day.

  1. A Hidden Room

Your best-kept secret, it’s where you could hang out. Add a vault for the money that’s left in your account after a home shopping. Put your favorite things and relax in your sanctuary.

A famous quote says that “No Man is an Island”. The best thing you could do in your dream house is live with love or companionship, be it with your family or your pets, or share it with friends or strangers. Because a grandeur dream house is always best when it’s treated as a home.